Wicking beds are raised beds with a pond of water stored at the bottom. Water “wicks” upward from the pond into the soil above to about a height of 11 inches. This means water never touches the surface, and so water doesn’t evaporate nearly as fast. The result is a water efficient bed. This video explains it.

Wicking Bed Tutorial

According to “Evaluating the Efficiency of Wicking Bed Irrigation Systems for Small-Scale Urban Agriculture” , wicking beds save water and grow vegetables larger than conventional watering. It is a great place to start in order to build your garden and grow your own food in a water efficient way. To get started faster, purchase the Wicking Bed building guide below. It contains details that will help you in the construction of your wicking bed.

Too difficult?

If you live between San Diego and Irvine, perhaps I can build them for you. Send a contact and let’s work out the details.

Too expensive?

Take a look at this upcoming cost minimizing design for a wicking bed.