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Storm surprise

The rain took me by storm, I mean by surprise. Though I failed to re-connect one of my rain barrels, once connected in a few hours it had about 20 gallons. I’m currently at about 1150 gallons, which is around 98% of capacity. It seems possible that I can go through the summer on rainwater, […]

8′ tomato frame

Well, I’ve been planning this for a while, and I’ve finally started on an 8′ tomato frame. See, last year we grew a Sun Gold cherry tomato that got huge, made the best tomatoes, and didn’t really want to die… Unfortunately, it became a giant cloud of chaos with powdery mildew that my gopher could […]


I must tell you about Bokashi composting… This is a fermentation technique that was invented in either Japan or Korea, that allows you compost cheese, dairy, meets, onions, citrus, really anything organic. Note you will run into problems composting the above things using an aerobic method, because they tend to smell, inhibit bacteria, or rot […]