TalapiaI made an important connection recently. It is not enough to grow food then sell it. Before then you must eat it. Let me share with you what I wrote to my doctor:

Hi Dr. Niefeld, sorry for the delays, I read through the information you sent regarding statins and their side effects, and would like to make another attempt to control these levels via diet, and exercise. I agree before you and myself that if I cannot get these levels normal (or significantly improve) in 3-5 months as of today 3/15, I will resort to statins. Here are my current levels:

CHOLESTEROL 231 mg/dL < =199 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDE 170 mg/dL < =149 mg/dL HDL 35 mg/dL >=40 mg/dL
LDL CALCULATED 162 mg/dL < =99 mg/dL

I am currently growing about 20-30% of my food, and hope to do more. I think I still have much room to optimize my eating and lifestyle, so I’d like to exhaust this possibility first.

So with you as my witnesses, I will attempt to normalize my lipo panel by eating my garden daily.