japanese bettle larveSometimes when you have a goal, you have to work with some characters you’d rather not deal with… The same is true with the garden, and in this case it’s Japanese beetles.

Japanese beetles live underground come out for one month in June. They look like beautiful green scarab beetles. They fly around stupidly and knock into your windows. They are from Japan, have not been invited, have no predators, and they are currently filling the ground wherever you are. They eat the roots of your plants, and that’s not good when you’re growing food.

So my typical strategy has been to filter them out, but then what? Do I kill them? No.

“Everything is good in it’s right place”.

filtering compostSo, last Saturday, I notice Anne from Mt. Hope was using Japanese beetles in the compost. So, I’ve decided to give this a try. In two days I’ve put 3 containers worth of beetles in my compost. My plan is that when the compost cures, I will lay it out on the ground and pray for the raccoon to come – this is a form of “extraordinary rendition”, or letting others commit your crimes for you. In this case, it seems to be the scheme of nature. Let nature do your dirty work.