Lettuce Bed

So, I have a 3×4′ lettuce bed that it seems I cannot exhaust. It grows in a highly shaded area, and I hope to have lettuce year-round. One thing I now want is to grow multiple varieties – curly red lettuces, green ones, leafy ones, do I know their names? No. But I think variety makes it more fun.

Also, I just started planting garlics (Italian Red and California) in both semi-shade and full sun in my 4’x20′. I don’t know which will do better. Also, I transplanted discarded green onions from Mt. Hope Garden , and they are doing well.IMG_0128

That green thing in the center is a Thai Ginger. I think it lives in rain forests, and seems to respond well to lots of water. What I will do is wait until it multiplies then harvest a bulb, then place a basin below as a kind of wicking bed, which is how my friend Ron McCord was growing it when he gave it to me.

 Lettuce bed