talapiaSo one of the things I did at the beginning of the year was attempt to grow things that would fit into a few recipes I liked. One of those things was a salad mix. So, I started growing 3 different kinds of lettuces and arugula. The lettuces in my 3×4′ are phenomenally productive, and I, and my household can eat every day. I’ve also been adding arugula, and now I’m addicted to it’s wonderful nutty bitter flavor. Unfortunately, one heat wave and it all goes to seed. So, now I have to re-seed it and start over. Also, my first attempt at spinach failed. It’s amazing how moody spinach can be.

So, coordinating all the pieces that make up a good salad mix has proven to be a gardening challenge.

In the plate below, the greens are chard and kale, and I have a harvest of those every week. I am clearly seeing the potential of eating a majority of my food from the garden. Not only might this improve my health, but now I have myself become a piece of the organic farm as both the sower and reaper.