rain collection westThe rain took me by storm, I mean by surprise. Though I failed to re-connect one of my rain barrels, once connected in a few hours it had about 20 gallons. I’m currently at about 1150 gallons, which is around 98% of capacity. It seems possible that I can go through the summer on rainwater, which would be awesome, because then I could build another garden in someone else’s yard and the homeowner wouldn’t have to worry about water costs….

So, if I had anticipated a major storm, I would have renewed my plantings. I am hoping to sell stuff in about 2 months.

burpee_lettuceMy own garden has changed phases: My lettuces are bolted, and I need them along with arrugula and spinach to create my targeted salad mix. My peas have powdery mildew – they are producing as fast as they can, and we are getting a bucket every few days. I have a raised bed growing Kale and Chard that’s not being eaten. My garlics almost died in the heatwave a month ago and now they seem somewhat stunted. My green onions have started getting yellow tips. Yet 2 months seems like just enough time to create a new harvest.

There are heat-resistant lettuces. I bought Black Seeded Simpson, Burpee Bibb, and Little Gem after reading this link:

Tomatoes and Zucchinis are doing well and on their way, I need to get beans, basils, and other squashes going. I’ve got a whole wall to use.

So, I am planning on focusing on pizza ingredients, salads for my own growing. Everything else will have to come from other gardeners.